R&F Cosmetics story
An innovative vision of beauty, health and natural way of life
100% natural, Organic

The R&F cosmetics line was developed within the strategic consortium of two companies :

  • ZEO-COSMETICS“ with more than 23 years of research & development experinece in the field of natural cosmetic and
  • „ADUT“ provider of innovations and scientifically based approaches toward food supplements, medical devices and cosmetic products
R&F story

During the last decade, the R&F chairman Mr. Romeo Orsi had a chance to meet hundreds of persons and cherish a number of contacts with people from different milieu. This experience was of great importance as he learnt about peoples’ concerns in relation to cosmetic products and observed a growing need for a different approach to the everyday skin care that should be strongly based on three pillars:

  • 1. Safety
  • 2. Effectiveness
  • 3. An easy-to-use approach

From this knowledge, Mr.Orsi put all his effort to provide for innovative products and strived to make an impact in this field. The result was a novel face cosmetics care line that is able to fulfil these requests.

The R&F cosmetics has been finally designed as:

  • A private label natural cosmetics
  • Safe natural cosmetics that controls the whole circle from ingredients to final product, taking care of the origin of ingredients
  • A cosmetic line that guaranties necessary cosmetics certificates and statements including stability test, compatibility test, standard microbiology report, statement of ingredient, as prescribed by the law
  • A completely naturally preserved cosmetics

R &F Cosmetics synonym for ecological way of production and technology. Assigned to women and men of all age groups and it is adjusted to all skin types.

For its completely natural composition you can apply this creams several times a day at your will. It is gentle for the skin with no chemical additives so it can be applied on your eyelids without burning.

CRUELTY FREE Products that do not involve animal ingredients or animal tetsing in any way as nothing agressive is contained in production materials.

R&F Cosmetics Chairman


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