R&F Cosmetics
An innovative vision of beauty, health and natural way of life
100% natural, Organic

R &F Cosmetics synonym for ecological way of production and technology. Assigned to women and men of all age groups and it is adjusted to all skin types.

For its completely natural composition you can apply this creams several times a day at your will. It is gentle for the skin with no chemical additives so it can be applied on your eyelids without burning.

CRUELTY FREE Products that do not involve animal ingredients or animal tetsing in any way as nothing agressive is contained in production materials.

R&F Cosmetics


The R&F cosmetics line was developed within the strategic consortium of two companies:
"R&F COMPANY" with huge experience in the field of „Fashion&Beauty“
"ZEO COSMETICS" with more than 23 years of research & development experinece in the field of natural cosmetic
"ADUT" provider of innovations and scientifically based approaches toward food supplements, medical devices and cosmetic products .

R&F Cosmetics line :

Understanding the difference between truly natural and ‘natural’ as a word for marketing purposes.

It is important to notice that cosmetics are in wide use all over the world, immediately after food which raises the question on WHAT WE REALLY PUT ON OUR SKIN AND BODIES when applying a cosmetic product.

Majority of cosmetics products are produced by use of synthetic compounds where natural ingredients are added to the cream base.

A usual marketing approach is to add some natural ingredients at lower or higher percentage in a synthetic base - the benefits of active substances are therefore pointed out while at the same time other hazardous substances present in the product are not even mentioned.

  • Natural skin care is synthetic-free, mineral oil-free, parabene-free and in general free of toxic ingredients including colorants and perfumes.
  • Natural skin care does not contain substances of animal origin, or any substance that is added to a list of suspicious, partially allowed or forbidden substances by any current law or regulation
  • Natural skin care does not contain paraffinum or petrolatum, dioxanes, sodium laureth or lauryl sulphate or their derivatives, PEGs and PEIs (polypropylenglycoles and polyethilenimines)

Many synthetic compounds listed above have already been proven to exert a serious danger for health (i.e. have a cancerogenic effect) or cause skin irritation and diminish the natural skin immunity system

  • Majority of standardly used synthetic ingredients in cosmetics products cannot be metabolized and/or dissolved in our bodies once they penetrate the skin and remain in our bodies as a kind of ‘toxic waste’ that is accumulated in our organs.
  • Once applied onto the skin, it takes ONLY SIX minutes for the substance to penetrate our vascular system. Thus, by constant use of products with toxic substances we slowly increase the toxic burden to our body and a possibility of development of chronic diseases.
  • Natural skin care products are made by use of safe and nurturing substances that are easily metabolized by our bodies and ‘recognized’ as essential or helpful ingredients.

These compounds are safe both for human body and for the environment - from the very production of ingredients to a final product, our idea is to stand up to standards of morality and ecology.

  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in USA holds over 30.000,00 documents about clinical damages caused by cosmetic products.
  • Most of scientists agree that at least 80% of 200 various types of cancer are directly associated with cancerogenus substances contained in synthetic and chemical ingredients.
  • It has shown that even the smallest quantity of toxic substances applied on the skin, affects negatively brain cells.
  • Cosmetics are in wide consumption, much wider then prescribed drugs or medical devices.
  • Use of natural cosmetics enables the skin to develop a natural metabolic processes which results in better and faster self-revitalization.
  • Use of synthetic and chemical raw materials in cosmetics (artificial colors, perfumes, industrial bases, preservatives and stabilizers, emulsifiers and viscosity agents) hampers the natural ability of skin self-revitalization and in time negative changes on the skin will be encountered.
  • If a cosmetic product is safely edible – it is certainly natural

Healthy skin

Majority of compounds that are standardly used for production of cosmetic products cannot be completely metabolized, excreted or degraded within our bodies upon application on the skin. Therefore, these compounds remain in the body as a kind of 'toxic waste' that accumulates in organs over time. Anyone who cares about the health of skin should thus, take into account the following facts:

  • Substances present in a cream penetrate the skin barrier and enter into the blood stream in ONLY SIX minutes. Frequent usage of cosmetic products that contain synthetic or partially detrimental substances, represents a constant burden for our bodies which might aid to development of different chronic disease;
  • Natural cosmetic products are made by use of safe substances that are easily metabolized or excreted from our bodies and are known since thousands of years as useful substances for the health of our skin;
  • Natural compounds are safe for the human body and the environment in general. The production of R&F cosmetics is therefore based on these assumptions and is designed as a sustainable processes that takes care about ecological and moral standards implemented in the design, production and selling;
  • Cosmetic products are in wide use and are usually applied on an everyday base, much more than any other pharmaceutical drug or medical device. It is thus, important to think about the quality of products that we apply daily on our skin;
  • Natural cosmetics re-enforce natural metabolic processes within the skin which result in fast revitalization and improvement of the skin health.

Day cream
– dry to normal skin, make-up base, basic protection during cold weather

Day cream

Specifically designed day cream formula protects and nourishes the skin throughout the day. It is light, suitable for all skin types, fast-absorbing and an ideal make-up base. It contains prime active ingredients that stimulate skin circulation and exchange which is essential for skin rejuvenation and continuous removal of free-radicals.


Anti-age cream
– for mixed types to oily skins as a day cream or make-up base, aged skin

Anti Aging Cream

The anti-aging cream base has a rich composition of naturally derived active substances with antioxidant and anti-wrinkle properties. The anti-aging substances replenish the essential fatness of the skin and keep the skin hydrated. Specially created to prevent and soften the wrinkles around eyes and lips.


Night cream
– rich night cream or special treatment for very dry skin

Night cream

The night cream formula deeply moisturizes the skin and intensifies the natural night skin-repair cycle. This pioneering formula with a blend of natural ingredients and rich in ceramide content, nourishes and hydrates, evens out skin texture and soothes fine lines.

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